Welcome to the Sitting Exchange

How this works:
Enter Creatures you want to be sat
Then pick up creatures and sit them.
You will get a random set of creatures. The codes will be available as BB codes, HTML codes and as pure URL. This has been done so you can use the codes on fourms, other websites or on twitter and facebook. :).

This exchange will work only if everyone enters their creatures and also picks them up to share/sit them or twitter them etc. This will not work without both the actions.

This is still experimental, so there may be errors, and longer waiting-times, as I am still optimizing the code.

Our thread on MS: Sitting Exchange Thread

Currently, to hatchling option is unavailable, and we accept up to 30 codes per user (User being the owner of the eggs, NOT the one who drops them off!).

We are currently holding codes for 9623 pets.